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Historical and not so historical arms and armory, in addition to historical objects and art. General warning for sharp objects.

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Dagger and sheath

"The dagger has a pointed and doubly-curved blade, double-edged, watered steel blade that has overlaid gold at the hilt in a flower and leaf design.

The dagger hilt has been fashioned in pale greenish grey nephrite jade. The main part of the hilt consists of a central shaft with an almost square cross section with a roundel in the middle. At the pommel end, two recurved sections emerge from either side of the shaft which then continues for a short distance before ending in a bead-like terminal.

On the blade side of the roundel, the shaft widens and a stem emerges and turns backwards to join one of the recurved sections from behind, forming a knuckle guard, with the junction being carved and pierced as a drooping flower bud.

The sheath has been fashioned in green velvet with gilt mounts, gold cord and tassles."

source: http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/O84497/dagger-and-sheath-unknown/

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